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Just  Imagine 

  • Your baby goes down happily and falls asleep independently and wakes up happy, every day.
  • Your whole family is happy and rested.
  • You can say good night to your baby and leave the room without any fuss.
  • You can leave your child with anyone, without worrying about your baby getting really upset.
  • When you go out, you can have confidence that your little one will be asleep when you get home.
  • You and your partner have your evenings back, all to yourselves, to do whatever you like.


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Happy Clients

Felix and Family. Success stories from our Infant Sleep Consultant in Horsham



Felix is 18 months old and we have always struggled with his sleep.

He couldn't settle on his own, I always had to feed him to sleep, he would struggle to nap well in the day time and he would wake up crying multiple times throughout the night. myself and my husband had really hit rock bottom with it. I knew we needed help so I decided to reach out to Misha at the gentle sleep nanny and thank goodness we did, as she has literally changed our lives!



Austin. Success stories from our Infant Sleep Consultant in Horsham


We had the most positive training experience with Misha and her sleep training advice for our 10-11 month old son Austin. He had fairly good day naps but night sleep seemed to be going backwards and he was waking every few hours which having huge impact on our whole family. We knew some things needed to change but weren't sure exactly what or how to do it. Misha was incredible at delving into all details and providing us information plus explanation on how to make improvements. The first night was tough but she was literally there with us the whole night providing support. The second night he slept through! The improvements have been atomising and we are wishing we had reached out for help sooner. Thank you Misha from all our family!!






Sleep Coaching for Babies, Based in Horsham
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