Are you jealous of parents whose children sleep through the night? Does it make you sad when you them talking or bragging about their children's sleep? Don't listen…. Every child is different.

I know it must be hard having a baby who doesn't sleep well. I bet you are constantly tired and running on nothing praying that your child will finally sleep well but he just doesn't. I know some of the parents I have met in the past few years regretting they have not started sleep training earlier. But it's never too late.

Not all children are born great sleepers. Mama it is not your fault….

Let's be honest, you can’t function and live your best life on a few hours of broken sleep. With support and guidance, you can teach your child the sleep skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Sleep training often involves a bit of crying for you and your baby at first. But with time, consistency and a bit of luck, you’ll soon be sleeping soundly, and your little one will have learned the valuable life skill of how to fall and stay asleep all on her own.

Look after yourself, treat yourself and find support wherever you can. There are always plenty of people who want to help new parents because they have been there too.