5 Tips for a fuss free bedtime

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Transform Your Child's Sleep In Just a Few Days!

At some point, every parent struggles with getting their child to sleep through the night or settle on their own. This guide covers everything you need to know about helping your little one gets the rest they need, including tips for self-settling and a sleep chart that will help you determine exactly how much sleep your child needs at different ages.

  • You dread nap times and they are a constant battle.
  • You are Googling awake windows and baby sleep schedules every few days trying to figure it out.
  • No matter what you try, naps just aren't happening and you feel like your baby just doesn't like to sleep!?


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"When I contacted Misha my 18 week old son had started waking up every 2 hours a night and I was exhausted. Misha gave us a lot of great advice, which did not involve leaving my son to cry for more than a few minutes and within just a few days he was sleeping so much better, waking only once in the night and settling himself within a few minutes. Misha was incredibly supportive throughout and kept in regular contact to see how we were getting on. We were amazed by the quick results! I wish we had started sleep training our son sooner. "

Emily, mama of 18 week old