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Sleep Tight Throughout the Night 

It's great to have you here! I'm a baby sleep consultant based in Horsham but serving nationwide, I'm an infant and child sleep consultant with 18 years of experience working with families all over the world. I understand the challenges that exhausted parents face when trying to get their little ones to sleep through the night. As a mom of twins, finding time to rest and have some much-needed "me" time can be challenging. As a new parent, one of the biggest challenges you may face is getting enough rest and sleep. Whether your baby is having trouble falling asleep or waking up constantly during the night, it can be difficult to get through each day feeling rested and energised.

If you are looking for help and guidance with your baby's sleep habits, I am here to support you every step of the way. My services include customised advice and strategies tailored specifically to your child's needs, to help them get the rest they need and deserve.

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Common Baby Sleep Problems and How to Handle Them


Toddler sleeping with dad on Hammock. Sleep Consultant in Horsham

Sleep Problems After Illnesses

Babies and young children are unwell quite often, with common coughs, colds and runny noses more often seen in children who attend daycare. On top of those, sore throats, congestion and fevers can all make it harder for babies to sleep well.

Of course, you want to do whatever it takes to soothe your little ones and help them get the rest they need. It can be tempting to just give them a quick feed or hold them upright while they sleep, to ease their congestion but, if the wake-ups start to happen regularly, it's possible for your little one to get used to the extra feeds and cuddles. That could potentially lead to further sleep problems, even after they feeling better again.

Had your little one got into good sleeping habits that were disrupted when he got sick? Even now that he is healthy again, he is still waking up, crying for you, during the night? Once your baby is back to their healthy, bubbly self during the day, it's time to get back to the usual sleep habits at night. It might take them a few nights to catch up with the normal routine, so be patient. The more consistent you are, the sooner they will get the message that nighttime is for sleeping and not eating or playing!

Sleep issues are a very common, and even normal, part of a baby's development. The good news is that it's only temporary! Keep calm and carry on!

Wide awake toddler in cot. Sleep training with our Infant Sleep Consultant in Horsham

Is Your Little One Struggling to Fall Asleep?

Babies who don't sleep enough and who stay awake for longer will find it hard to fall asleep. They will become fussy and very cranky as the levels of their stress hormones of adrenaline and cortisol increases, which will make it very hard for them to fall asleep.

Sometimes, you can clearly see that your baby is overtired. Other times the signs are not as obvious. If your baby doesn't get enough sleep, they will get cranky and show other signs that they're more than ready to take a nap and, yet, they may still find it hard to fall asleep. I would recommend putting your baby down for their nap or bedtime when they're tired, but not too tired. When you start to spot signs that they need a rest – like rubbing their eyes, yawning, or fussing a lot, that's your cue to get them into the cot.

Don't let your baby stay up later, even if they don't look tired. The chances are they will become overtired and, ultimately, make it a lot harder for them to fall asleep.


New-born baby sleeping with overtired mother. Infant Sleep Consultant in Horsham

Waking Early

Is your little one waking up early — and staying awake, sometimes as early as 5am?

First, we have to ensure that your little one is getting the recommended amount of sleep she needs. If she wakes very early from her last nap of the day, for instance, I would suggest putting her to bed a little earlier, to make up for the lost sleep. If she has a bad night or wakes extra early in the morning, offer more naptime that day. Also, look and see whether they're awake for too long between naps or if their bedtime is regularly too late.

How Do We Solve This?

Once you have established where the over-tiredness is coming from, you can begin working on replenishing your little one's sleep tank. Prepare the room with blackout blinds, a night light (if needed) and a sleep wake trigger, like a clock or a light-on timer. May sure you discuss the night-time plan with your partner, so you both know how you are going to respond consistently to any wakings that happen before 6am.

Early wake-ups might take a little longer to fix, so be patient, persistent and really consistent with your little one's overall sleep amounts. By doing so, you'll be able to overcome this as smoothly as possible. I can get your little one sleeping soundly, at least until 6am, consistently. We just need to figure out the cause of the early mornings and address it.

Crying teething baby. Sleep training

Are Teething and Illness Keeping Your Baby Up?

If your baby is showing signs of teething during the day, such as drooling, biting, feeding, fussiness and irritability, then teething pain may also be waking her up at night. Keep in mind that teething-related sleep issues can begin almost any time during the first year. Teething pain comes from the buildup of blood pressure in the gums and, during the daytime, babies tend to alleviate this pain by chewing and biting on things, which releases some of that pressure.

At night time, when they are resting, the pressure can build up to a point that the pain disturbs their sleep. Also, sucking draws blood to the gums and can increase the pressure too, so bottle feeding, breastfeeding and dummies can all add to the pain. While you shouldn't ignore your baby, try to avoid picking her up. Instead, offer a teeter, some gentle words and pats, or maybe a lullaby. She might settle down on her own, though you might have to leave the room for that to happen. If tender gums seem very painful to her, night after night, ask your pediatrician about offering some baby acetaminophen at bedtime, for babies 2 months and older, or baby ibuprofen for infants 6 months and older.

Should I Stop Sleep Training During Teething?

No matter how tempting it might be to let teething disrupt your baby's regular bedtime routine, don't do it! If you waited for all your baby's teeth to pop through before you sleep train, you might wait over 2 years!

Rest assured, you're not the first parent to deal with this and, no matter how stressful it might seem, you will get through it. Some babies' teeth pop through at a few months old but others don't until past a year old! Since you have no way of knowing, you need to just do your best and make sure you prioritise your baby's sleep. I would make sure you help them feel comfortable, but continue to be consistent and help them learn to sleep better.


Smiling baby in duvet. Infant Sleep Consultant in Horsham

Is She Finding it Hard to Settle?

Most of us wake up at least a couple of times a night. That's perfectly normal. Unfortunately, not all children are born great sleepers. The development of good sleep habits depends on the ability to self-settle, both before sleep and at night. It's a skill that infants need to learn.

How Can I Help?

Establishing a good bedtime routine is the first thing we should concentrate on. If your child is relying on a bottle or a breast to sleep, start planning his final feeding in the evening a good 30 minutes before his normal sleep or day sleep. Then, when he's sleepy but still awake, that's the best time to put him into bed. Your little one won't be happy and may get upset but you must keep trying. Consistency is key! As soon as he masters self-settling skills then he will no longer need your help and be able to drift off with ease.

wide awake toddler early in the morning. Infant sleep training in Horsham

Sleep Regression

Sleep regression is a period of time, typically lasting two to four weeks, where a baby who was previously sleeping soundly suddenly struggles to fall asleep or starts waking up in the middle of the night. Your perfect sleeper may be refusing to go to bed at around 4 months. Yes, say hello to sleep regression but please don't panic! It's absolutely normal. Many babies go through it between 4 and 6 months, then again at 8 to 10 months, and finally at 12 months (although it can happen at any stage).

I'd recommend keeping your baby's evening routine the same – baths, feedings, stories, songs, and cuddles. Make sure your baby has enough sleep during the day to compensate for missed sleep at night, as an overtired baby is more difficult to settle down at night, which can be the beginning of a vicious circle. Keep in mind that sleep regression is only a temporary phase and that sleep patterns should return to normal once your baby has adjusted to their new developmental abilities.


Young baby sleeping on mother. Infant Sleep Consultant in Horsham


What Can Better Sleep do for You?

We all want our children to sleep better and get that well-deserved sleep ourselves. Getting our children to sleep better might be challenging at times but the rewards can be great. Just imagine if –

  • Your baby goes down happily. They fall asleep independently and wake up happy, every day.
  • Your whole family is happy and rested.
  • You can say good night to your baby and leave the room without any fuss.
  • You can leave your child with anyone, without worrying about your baby getting really upset.
  • When you go out, you can have confidence that your little one will be asleep when you get home.
  • You and your partner have your evenings back, all to yourselves, to do whatever you like.





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