Ready to Get Your Baby Sleeping?

Are you exhausted, dreading bedtime every night, and finding no time for yourself both day and night as you desperately try to get your baby to sleep?

If you want to help your baby sleep with a loving and responsive approach backed up by science and tailored to your needs, you've come to the right place. My gentle sleep approach has successfully helped over 100+ families to achieve better sleep within just a few nights – all without resorting to the cry-it-out method.

I will teach you how to help your baby fall asleep independently, sleep through the night & nap consistently to regain your nights & be the best, happiest version of you!






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Sleep Packages

Your baby's sleep situation is unique. Your support should be too.

We work together to create an individualised sleep plan for your baby and can offer you as much support as you would like along the way.


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 Infant Sleep Consultant in Horsham




This guide covers everything you need to know about helping your little one gets the rest they need, including tips for self-settling and a sleep chart that will help you determine exactly how much sleep your child needs at different ages.


  • No matter what you try, naps just aren't happening and you feel like your baby just doesn't like to sleep!
  • You are Googling awake windows and baby sleep schedules every few days trying to figure it out.
  • Your baby is waking up every two hours at night!

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"When I contacted Misha my 18 week old son had started waking up every 2 hours a night and I was exhausted. Misha gave us a lot of great advice, which did not involve leaving my son to cry for more than a few minutes and within just a few days he was sleeping so much better, waking only once in the night and settling himself within a few minutes. Misha was incredibly supportive throughout and kept in regular contact to see how we were getting on. We were amazed by the quick results! I wish we had started sleep training our son sooner. "

Emily, mama of 18 week old 





What To Expect

No one enjoys seeing their child in distress, and when sleep deprivation creates a pattern of sleepless nights it can feel like parenthood is a burden.

It's normal for your child to have difficulty accepting changes to the familiar routines they've become accustomed to - like feeding, rocking and holding. But it's important to remember that behind those tears are feelings of frustration and confusion.

With the right guidance, you can help your child understand why changes need to be made and how best to go about it. So take heart - with a little effort, patience, and understanding, your family will soon get back on track towards a good night's sleep for everyone.

You Will Not Be Asked To Ignore Their Cries!  

Please understand that I will never ask you to leave your child to cry alone, nor will I ask you to ignore their cries. The reason that the Gentle Sleep Method is so effective is that I develop a plan that you feel comfortable with, based on what you know about your child.

I'm with you all the way!

Every. Single. Day. 


Mother and sleeping child in need of a baby Sleep Consultant in Horsham


Close up of sleeping baby. Infant Sleep Consultant in Horsham

Sleep Training is Never Harmful

Sleep training simply means creating a good sleeping environment and establishing a healthy, consistent bedtime routine. I'll help you and your child to build good sleep associations and teach your child how to self-soothe. 

We expect tears, and my approach is a response to help navigate through it. Often times families are worried that crying will cause their child to feel abandoned or that it will cause attachment issues.  As an evidence-based sleep coach, I can assure you that this will not happen. 

My goal is to minimise the tears and find an approach that allows us to be present, be responsive, in this time of learning. I'm working to change their routine and their current sleep associations to ones that show them they are safe in their space and can fall asleep easily.

Most of my families are seeing success in just 3 days. That's not 3 days of crying, that's three days till they see 10+ hours at night, with their children happy to go to bed.






Hi I'm Misha

The Gentle Sleep Nanny! I am a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant, mum of twins with 18 years of experience working with infants, children and families in the Czech Republic, Holland and the UK.

What I Do

I help exhausted parents who are not enjoying life and are stressed out about going back to work, home life, as well as their marriage, by getting their little one to sleep soundly. I'll teach you to successfully read your baby's cues and non-verbal communication, before developing a personalised sleep plan that recognises each child's specific needs and natural patterns.

How I Do It

I only use an entirely holistic, evidence-based parenting approach to create a sleep plan that you can manage – one which takes into account the needs of the child and expectations of each family.

I support families across the UK, providing both online 1:1 consultations and overnight sleep visits. I offer flexible packages to suit your family's needs.








Hear From My Clients

You might be wondering "how can I be sure that sleep training works?" Just listen to what my previous clients have had to say! There's no better endorsement than one coming from happy parents with happy, sleeping children. Have a read!


Success client and baby. Infant Sleep Consultant in Horsham

" I never realised how much sleep consultancy could do until I got Misha's help. With her help, my baby son learned to have regular daytime naps, to fall asleep in his own bed and even to self soothe. All in a matter of days!  Our son is a different boy as a result of this, smiling a lot more and overall much happier. We couldn't have done it without Misha's clear, gentle and knowledgeable guidance - She's a star and really makes a difference!"



Sleep Training for Tired Children and Even More Tired Parents

Don't spend another night in and out of bed, dreading the tearful alarm clock that goes off at random. Get in touch with me for your FREE 15-minute consultation. For more info, send me an email at or call 07756646834